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Who Do People Complain on Social Media

Why Do People Complain on Social Media? – Infographic

We’ve all done it, or at least have thought about – taking to social media to share a product issue or poor customer service experience. Gone are the days of complaining to just friends and family. Today, you can share a complaint and tag a company for all the world to see. To combat the influx of public scrutiny, companies have beefed up their customer service departments and even created social media accounts solely dedicated to customers’ issues.

So what exactly are people complaining about?

In a study conducted by Corra, which surveyed over 2,000 American consumers, they found that 52% of complaints resulted from a service issue.

Why do people take the time to complain?

The #1 reason why people complain is they’d like to save other people from having the same experience.

The good news.

Didn’t get it right the first time? Fortunately, most consumers are willing to give a company a second chance. 89.7% said that they wouldn’t give up on a company after just one bad experience. So brands, make it right, and focus on eliminating future issues.

But, here’s the bad news.

Even though most consumers are willing to give you another chance, 88% of people said that they would avoid a company because of a bad review. Ouch! So while existing customers may give you a second shot, you made find it tough to convince new customers to give you a chance.

It’s important for brands to understand why customers complain and what they most complain about. Developing a solid customer service strategy which incorporates handling complaints on social media is vital for companies to succeed in today’s world.

See Corra’s full findings in the infographic below

Why do people complain on social media - infographic

Over to you. What challenges have you faced with customer complaints on social media and how do you handle them? Share you thoughts in the comments below.